Cenoire Eluo Ultra Sonic Toothbrush

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Travels in Style, Performs Like a Pro

Who says a travel toothbrush can’t be fashionable and effective at the same time?  When on the go, the new Cenoire Eluo Ultra Sonic Toothbrush shows off with a chic, colorful, and compact look.  But once the cap is removed and the Eluo Ultra is asked to perform, it becomes a versatile oral hygiene machine. 

Did someone say stylish?

The Eluo Ultra is dressed for any occasion in three pleasing color options.  Pink and Lavender are popular with most of the ladies.  And while the Carbon Fiber option is appropriate for anyone, it is especially popular with the gentlemen. This little jewel is lightweight and fits neatly into your purse, carry on, briefcase, or even your pocket.  The Eluo Ultra is a travel electric toothbrush that can go with you anywhere, whether at work, on the road, or at play.

But is it effective?

The portable and versatile Eluo Ultra Sonic Toothbrush features a 2-speed operation powered by a single AAA battery.  The most difficult to reach and clean places are no match when pitted against an aggressive 30,000 brushstrokes per minute.  At a more gentle 18,000 brushstrokes per minute, the delicate surfaces of the tongue and gums get the tender loving care they deserve.

The easy clean Eluo Ultra features a removable, washable brush head with tongue massager and ventilated cap preventing germs and bacterial.  

Is it for me?

The Cenoire Eluo Ultra Sonic Toothbrush has everything you could want in a portable electric toothbrush - good looks, versatility, portability, and effectiveness.  When a modern on-the-go lifestyle calls for oral hygiene assistance, the Eluo Ultra stands ready to meet the challenge.